InSyte1 is an innovative, family oriented product that is a game changer for gun safety in our American society. Clearly, InSyte1 can greatly limit the number of accidents resulting from the misuse of firearms.  Additionally, InStye 1 may lower gun theft and possibly the misuse of firearms by persons that may consider an act of self-harm.


You will never fell safer with a gun





95db Double Alarm Sound System

The InSyte1 motion sensor alarm will notify you as soon as your child moves the gun. If your child tries to disassemble the InSyte1 device, the motion sensor alarm will continue to sound. In addition, InSyte1 is designed with a blocking mechanism that serves as a child deterrent.


Disassembles in 3 seconds or less

Stealth Disassemble Mechanism

InSyte1’s  slide member is equipped with two stealth buttons, similar to pharmaceutical locking bottles,  hiding the disassembling mechanism and enhancing the InSyte1 child deterrent effect

remote access

Remotely accesses your InSyte1 device within your home or business.


InSyte 1 can be setup in less than 5 minutes once unpacked from the box.

fits most firearms

AWS Engineers have designed and patented InSyte1 to fit most of the firearms in the market.

remote control and

stealth camera

Monitor, record, and photograph any unauthorized person manipulating your firearm.
Remotely accesses your InSyte1 device within your home or business.
No matter which side you are on in the debate over guns in our American Society...                                                                  
                                                InSyte is the solution!

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