The Evergreen Border Energy Initiative

The Evergreen Border Energy Initiative is seen as a potential bipartisan infrastructure initiative that would address not only the concerns of the disparate interests of the homeland security and green power proponents, but also as a joint United States/Mexico infrastructure project that would benefit everyday people on both sides of the border.  Once completed, the Evergreen Border Energy Initiative will be the largest renewable energy infrastructure project ever completed on the planet, providing green power and or water access to millions of people and thousands of businesses in the Southwest. .  


Equally important, as a true public/private partnership between the Advanced Warning Systems consortium (AWS), which includes some of the largest leaders in the construction, solar power, water and security industries, and the government of the United States (with continuous consultation with the government of Mexico), this entire project will be paid exclusively with private funds.  This will ensure, with total certainty, that the taxpayers of the United States will never be asked to carry the burden of completing such an immense, yet necessary, project.

"Making the world a better place"


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